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Should Marketers Learn to Code?
Alex Holderness

Great article, but had to pop back up to the top and highlight this word … digital marketer (digital marketing, etc.)

The word digital should go away, if you are a marketing professional, and have no clue about “digital” — then you better be working for a very large company so you can hide in your foxhole — because every corner of marketing, sales, HR, logistics, production, finance, etc. is ruled by technology and “digital”.

There is not hiding (really) anymore from all the “martech” out there. If you don’t have a rudimentary understanding of technology, you are quickly becoming a liability within an organization. If you don’t know, and are unwilling to learn, about it, then you are on a one-way track within your marketing career.

Just like people using the world “cloud” or SaaS — the terms are starting to have very little meaning in the world anymore, at least from a differentiation standpoint — because infrastructure, computing, storage, applications are all quickly moving to cloud and sass. IN the same way, that digital marketing is not descriptive from a marketing perspective anymore — it’s just marketing.

Learn it, if you don’t know it. Investigate it, if you’re just starting out. Understand who the key players are — this is our profession, and knowing about it and what it can do is a never ending cycle of education for all of us.