New to me, but I can imagine it is probably a factor widely used in the development of the marketing strategies?
I see your point Arnie, thank you for putting it in plain English for an ignoramus like me to…
Ivana Knezevic

Ivana … no, you’re not an ignoramus! Far from it — you make a very important point (which I glossed over in my response) — which is this:

Our society is shifting, in many cases away from taking the time to savor things. We are more than happy to allow someone else to brew our coffee, give us the 500 word review of a book (rather than reading it ourselves), or in the case you brought up, Fiction books, just wait for the movie (and if there isn’t a movie coming, it just means the book wasn’t very good anyway).

It’s absolutely a shame. Our minds are such fertile ground, our imagination is such much better, and even if read something, we later decide to “never read again” — at least we had that experience.

I’m also going to make one additional point, and this is about marketing — every person who is attempting to “sell” anything (even if it’s only an idea or opinion), is always better served by having some level of understanding of the “buyer”. Very few of us (either personally or professionally) have an unlimited pool of resources. Which means, at some point, we make a hard decision, Yes or No. But along the path, there are so many little decisions, filters, opinions, options — the buyer can get distracted, and if they do, the default purchasing decision will be to do what they have always done.

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