This polarization is not just a cliché.
What I learned from visualizing Hillary Clinton’s emails
Cesar A. Hidalgo

No surprising. We have a very, very large segment of the US population who is entering the most fearful stage of their lives — the final stage. The baby boomers, love them or hate them, are dying, and death is the single biggest fear we have inside us.

Add to that, most of this generation is only slightly “tech savvy” (not a knock, just an observation). And tech has changed, and continues to, change our world at an ever accelerating pace.

Baby Boomers are die-hard consumers of the mass media, and still believes the “press” or “media” knows more than they do. They are amazed their grandchildren can pick up a phone or tablet and actually accomplish a task (swiping and typing their way through games, videos, websites, apps) — looking at it from a very old and dusty pair of rose-colored glasses.

I’ve seen it repeated over and over again with every family gathering. Someone will be “just amazed” that little Suzy can do all those things. And in the next sentence, say something completely irrelevant to anything going on in the real world.

We are witnesses to a great tipping point. As the boomers die and the millennials take over, our society will change with it.