Why 10,000 Experiments Beat 10,000 Hours
Forget The 10,000-Hour Rule; Edison, Bezos, & Zuckerberg Follow The 10,000-Experiment Rule
Michael Simmons

Of course, you could say that “experimenting” is just an example of the 10K hour rule — in that, to be a master at experimenting, it may take you 10K hours.

As an example, race car (NASCAR, F1, etc) drivers are constantly changing their speed up and down — but it takes years of practice, along with lots of mistakes to understand that “going fast” is relative — in any single race, you only have to go faster than everyone else to win.

Experimenting is similar — having a positive test doesn’t necessarily mean you have a successful outcome on an ongoing basis — it is only one test. It could be an anomaly, both success and failure are relative. Therefore, becoming expert in “experiments” is key, and tracking, recording and analyzing results.

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