But here are 3 truths every man needs to understand
Real Men Understand These 3 Truths About Life
Nicolas Cole

We all have our lists — about what’s important, and what’s not.

My personal first truth (by a factor of 10) is that “I own my life — that means I own every action, reaction, emotion, up, down, interaction, decision, dollar saved, dollar earned, word said or not said, every minute of every day — including the people I choose to love, jobs or businesses, goals, etc..”

As I’ve gotten older, I can look back and see the path. I can also say, with clarity, when I was making “excuses” for my life (why I was or wasn’t doing something), those were the same times when I felt the worst about “who I was”.

Once you start really owning up to yourself and your life — and drop the excuses — you find a certain calm. No matter the outcome.

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