As evidenced by the election of Donald Trump,
An American Reichstag Fire
Joel Looper

We can not say, with 100% accuracy, that every vote cast for Mr Trump was based upon “his views, his opinions, and what he said he wanted for the US”. A significant number of votes for both candidates (in my opinion), were cast to “keep the other person from winning”.

Mr Trump won (fact). Mr Trump has the support of all the people who voted for him (not a fact). Mr Trump will continue to push the limits of his power as President of the United States (yet to be seen, but we are seeing leading indicators that this is true).

The outcome of this particular election, and this particular US President, is yet to be seen. It is just as likely, we look back in four years, and say “he brought us together”. He made America Great Again, just not in the way he envisioned.

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