I got called a Loser this week.
I got called a Loser this week.
J. Westenberg 🌈

When I read the headline Jon, I actually thought it was going to be a different type of article …. about people not “getting you” or someone, who doesn’t know you, deciding to call you a name, because they are who they are, nothing about you.

I’ve been called all sorts of things in my life. People have screamed in my face, that they are going kick my ass. I’ve been slapped by women who thought I said something inappropriate. I can’t say that in all those situations, my reaction was calm, cool and collected — but about half, my reaction was to laugh — mostly because the reaction was out of proportion to the whatever they believed the offense.

So, call me name. I don’t have time for it or the energy for a response anymore. I’ve got other things to get done.