And that’s why people are willing to pay $10 for a drink in a bar or $5 for a coffee to go but are rarely willing to pay more than a dollar for an ebook.
Why people pay $5 for a coffee but rarely more than a dollar for an ebook
Yann Girard

Words are everywhere. They are a currency of our everyday lives. Someone who reads and is intelligent enough to do a little research — can literally teach themselves almost anything with an internet connection.

Personally, if you want to sell an eBook — stop charging $1, give those books away all day, every day — charge $10 or $15. If it’s specialized knowledge, then charge $100 or $1000.

Perception is reality in everything. There just isn’t enough distance between $0 and $1 to make my perception change about something.

If you’re going to write an ebook, then create some distance between $0 and the price.

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