Sock Drive for the Homeless

Since starting my sock drive I have received a lot of positive feedback and donations. Socks are important necessity for those living on the street and are rarely donated.

The question is why are socks so important?

The Joy of Socks is a foundation that donates socks to the homeless and they came up with a list of ten facts on why socks are so important.

1. According to the Mayo Clinic, in cold enough conditions, frostbite can occur in 30 minutes or less! Warm, well-fitting socks can prevent this for many people.

2. Moisture-wicking socks are especially important for those facing the summer heat and humidity. By pulling sweat away from the skin, conditions such as infections and blisters can be prevented.

3. Many bacteria and fungi thrive in warm, moist environments. Access to clean, dry socks can go a long way in avoiding foot infections.

4. Those with Diabetes especially need well fitting socks, preferably Diabetic socks without seams that can rub and cause blisters.

5. Did you know that Diabetic socks usually have invisible seams, and cause less friction on the skin? This can prevent skin injury, infection and even amputations.

6. One million Americans had Type 2 Diabetes in 2012. (American Diabetes Assoc.) Part of proper Diabetic foot care is access to appropriate sock wear. You can make a difference!

7. Poor circulation puts feet at risk every day. Proper socks can provide a simple, but important layer of protection between these feet and limb threatening conditions.

8. Clean, well-fitting socks are a vital part of keeping feet healthy! The impact is immediate and ongoing!

9. Wearing the right socks for the right activity can go a long way towards foot health.Those struggling with homelessness don’t have that option. But we can help!

10. Clean and well-fitting socks can be just as important as medication or insulin for those that deal with diabetes.

Most of us are lucky enough to change our socks multiple times through out the day if we choose. Homeless individuals are lucky if they have one extra pair of DRY socks.

Any little contribution helps and if you would like to donate to my sock drive I have created an Amazon Wishlist. These socks will be donated to the Homeless Youth Alliance.

Save the limbs!

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