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Did you learn grammar at school? Do you know your present continuous from your present simple? Have you ever split an infinitive? If you answered ‘no’ or ‘don’t know’ to any of these questions, then how are you supposed to teach English to the new SATs generation?

How can we teach high levels of English Language to our students, especially when many of them have English as a Second or Other language? Do we have the expertise?

In many ways it’s a case of how you yourself were educated. You might have been lucky and had the rules explained to you. You might have learned them through studying another language. And if you lived abroad, you may have taught TEFL. However, for most of us that’s not the case. That’s where Aspire Education Group’s unique English training for teachers comes into play with the answers to your grammar headaches! We have direct experience of running SATs and GCSE Boot Camps for children from across London with experience as Heads of Department, Senior Examiners and Head Teachers. We can help you to help your students raise their attainment through our training which links innovative delivery to a belief in core understanding of English.

Come and meet us at our free launch of Aspire Prep Bootcamps on 12th March 2016

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