English Week — Somali Integration and Development Association (SIDA)


Sadly many Somali pupils in British schools are falling behind their counter parts in core subjects, primarily English Language. This might be because of the fact that their parents do not speak English at home or maybe they are not getting appropriate homework support at home. These and other educational and social factors such as poor housing, overcrowding, a disrupted or non-existent prior education may lead young children of the Somali community to remain behind all other ethnic communities.

The Somali “Community School” is a supplementary school for disadvantaged Somali children and families resident in the London Borough of Southwark and surrounding areas.

The Somali “Community School” is a programme that brings friendly, confidential help to those children who need additional tuition to complete their school education, which means building their trust, confidence and giving them the ability to attend school and give their best efforts in the classroom.

Our primary aim is to breakdown the barriers for underachievement in schools and find out what support each individual child needs to improve their attainment levels.

With weekend Maths, English and Science classes being run throughout the school year plus after-school homework support, we endeavour to see the pupils change from being those most likely to fail in education to being confident, literate and happy children with continued peer support from the community.

Our programme does not contribute only to the educational development of the pupils, but also helps with behavioural and peer difficulties and a lack of career and life goals.

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