Student Volunteer Week — Essential Skills Training


Essential Skills provides work experience opportunities across London; working with schools, colleges and universities to give learners the necessary skills to access and excel in the modern working environment. Our work experience programme are accredited and gives learners useful and valuable insight into the world of work.

Essential Skills’ Work Experience Programme aims to deliver quality, meaningful work experience to young people aged 16–24 across a range of work sectors. Contrary to traditional work shadowing, our work experience programme uses the expertise of local businesses to provide in-depth sector knowledge.

Students will benefit from: UCAS points, flexible and tailor-made programmes, carrying out work tasks, understanding industry structure. They will experience Q&As with industry experts, opportunities to network with local organisations relevant to their course of study, pre-Apprenticeship training and support into an Apprenticeship.

Essential Skills Training can help with lack of confidence , lack of career goals , at risk of NEET , support accessing Further/Higher Education and in many other areas.

Let US help your students get a better start in adult life, push them to their limits and find out what they really can do!

For more details go to EduKit platform and Sign In if you are a registered user or Sign Up with EduKit for FREE. You can also contact us on 0203 191 9696 or via email to

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