Buying and investing in fine art used to be a pastime of only the most elite. But not anymore.

Tappan is an online gallery that sells collections from emerging artists to modern buyers in a way that’s far more accessible and less pretentious.

However, convincing ecommerce consumers to spend hundreds of dollars on a painting or portrait isn’t necessarily the same as persuading them to buy a pair of jeans. Longer buying cycles and high price points for luxury goods mean that marketers like Tappan Director of Brand Marketing Megan Laber have to strategize around storytelling, brand, and customer experience.

The health and wellness marketing is crowded with buzzwords, but OWYN wants to put their money quite literally where their mouth is with plant-based and allergen-free protein shakes.

OWYN stands for Only What You Need, and the brand goes the extra mile to create new processes and levels of transparency to validate that they are the cleanest beverage brand on the market. But how has OWYN CMO Mark Olivieri managed to communicate their mission to the right customers and differentiate from competitors?

In this episode of the Empowered Marketer, we talk to Mark about:

  • Creating a strategy with third-party retailers…

If you’ve ever experienced what it’s like prepping for parenthood, then you also know the word “overwhelming” doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Lalo is the modern baby and toddler company that’s simplifying the process for millennial parents-to-be. But they’re not trying to compete with the Carters’, Honest Companies, and Huggies of the world — or at least not just yet.

That’s because currently the direct to consumer brand includes just two products — The Daily Stroller and The Chair. Meanwhile Lalo Co-founder, President, and CMO Michael Wider isn’t trying to to recreate the traditional big box retail experience when…

When Maurice Tebele and Martin Hoffstein were out for a drink, they noticed the same thing when looking at the bar — all of the bottles were bland, boring, and not very colorful. So they decided to do something about it.

The duo crafted JAJA (pronounced ha-ha), a tequila brand inspired by their trip to Jalisco, Mexico that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

But with strict regulations in the spirit industry and a crowded liquor market, not just anyone can create a breakthrough tequila. Despite the odds, Maurice and Martin have grown the brand to be a household name sold…

As a Graduate Gemologist and fourth-generation jeweler, Olivia Landau has always had a passion for diamonds — they are a girl’s best friend after all. But growing up, she was warned that the business was dying.

The reality, however, was that it was just changing. The way we buy things today is different, and younger generations that are comfortable buying online are also the ones starting to get married.

Olivia started The Clear Cut as an educational platform where she provided guidance to friends on how to buy diamonds and pick out engagement rings.

But with her extensive experience in…

Alexandra McPeak

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