My experience at the Women TechMakers Summit in Prague

The night before

Arriving in Prague at 23:30 the day before the event [#wtmsummit] was very astonishing!

The first day of the summit

I woke up quite early and went to the #wtmsummit ready to fill my tummy with delicious food. I was already so pleased to see different people in so different styles, speaking different languages and representing 21 countries with one goal in mind — becoming better, more inclusive, more conscious community organisers by learning and networking with each other.

A melting pot of cultures

I don’t know about you, dear reader — But my mother is Brazilian and my father is Italian, I was born in an environment in which two cultures co-existed.

Assume positive intent

If I were to assume the way people talked to me was meant to be offensive I would be too naive.

The food and the swags were so nice — especially those ones brought by #WTMsummit. Everyone loved the fight like a girl stickers.

Day 2

I woke up at around 8, took a shower, put my luggage at the correct place at the hotel, headed for the event, had AMAZING breakfast and great conversations with the Italian leads!


I do not even have to mention how good it was. I had pasta and chocolate cake. (I hope my dietitian does not read this — I promise it is not a habit.)



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Amanda Cavallaro

Amanda Cavallaro

Software developer, passionate about Cloud technologies, Human Computer Interactions and Chatbots. Women Techmakers, Japanese Culture lover, Aikidoka.