Allah o Wahab: The Benevolent one.

Woke up 4:20am, made coffee, ate kale and chickpea salad leftovers and a banana , three cups of water to mark the start of my Fast before the first rays of sun would break into dawn.

7:00am walked with Douglass and Stacey, to practice Morning Yoga and Meditation on the beach.

We practiced our sun salutations offering ourselves as we raised our hands over our heads and saying I am humble as we bent over our legs, touching the sand with our hands and feet.

Douglass, gently chanted “ I am here” as he guided us into breathing more consciously while going through different asanas.

As he chanted “ I am here witnessing the benevolence of the maker,”

my gaze went past two birds flying into the horizon, to the endless ocean in front of my eyes.

We closed our asanas, meditating on the sounds of the ocean waves as they touched the beach.

For a brief moment, my breathing was one with the sounds of the ocean and I felt it’s eternal longing for the solidness offered by the beach.

Soon we went into corpse pose, when I opened my eyes to rise after Shavasana my eyes rose to this view.

As we walked to our condo, I marveled at the beauty of the yellow butterfly who flew in my path to the condo. It’s yellow color though reminded me of highlight used for marking important points in papers and studying material.

After Stacey and Myra had breakfast, we went for a walk..

On our walk we came across these two important messages:

In the heart lies its most treasured treasure.

And The path of love always straightens itself ( so I was told was the meaning)..

Soon we came across a shack, which sold only locally produced coffee and smoothies,( for next time when I come to Rincon not in Ramadan)and we soon found the beach we were meant to spend most of our day today.. Steps Beach

Walking towards the beach we saw a man come out of the water with two big fishes, called tiger fish. He told us, this was a marine reserve and tiger fish was invasive.

I got a bit scared of the dead Tiger fish,but may be the yoga before had calmed my fears , despite my fears of this monstrous fish, I spent. may be an hour or two floating in the waves.

I was soon exhausted and spend most of the remaining day napping on the beach.

Myra and Stacey walked to Calypso, and gave me directions on how to get there.

I found myself walking towards them, amidst awe inspiring beach. It seemed, this beach was actively witnessing life.

As I walked towards Stacey and Myra, this villa caught my attention. I would like to stay in this villa next time I come to Rincon.

As I walked into Calypso, Douglass was already there .

I was happy to be reunited with the trio and some locals gave us recommendations on where to eat dinner.

Before dinner we practiced power yoga .

Fasting, helped me stay more focused in my Asana and into the meditation following the yoga .

Prayed Maghreb, opened fast and then ate some mind boggling dinner at Green thumb grill.

At the end of the dinner, I read two poems from Lal Ded to my fellow travelers/yogis.

When the dirt was wiped away from my mind’s mirror, people knew me for a lover of God. When I saw Him there, so close to me, He was All, I was nothing.

If you’ve learned how to bridle your breath, hunger and thirst can’t touch you.

Command your breath to the end and you’ll come back to earth, blessed.

Ramadan Mubarak.