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Yep, well thought out critique. And as you hinted at in passing, it is SO boring watching women’s bodies all the time, movies which want to be about sex desperately need lots and lots more decent looking nude men, penises, arses and all. And to pay attention to their faces, men’s faces. The same sorts of reasons these movies don’t make it into arousing is the same reason I never bother with super boring porn, which is most of it — fauxgasms from plastic breasted women who look bored out of their minds or in agony and who absolutely definitely wish they were doing pretty much anything else but that, and the dreary, obvious money shot, and almost never getting to watch male faces. SO BORING. So yeah, lots more hot men, hot male bodies and hot male faces, thanks.

And in answer to the question — are we sure it’s good? Nope. It was pretty lame then and is lamer now with passing time. But yeah, Rourke was a honey, back in the day.

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