Dealing With Cancer

I was happily working in Saudi Arabia when I felt a lump in my breast at the end of May 2017. Everyone said “Ah don’t worry about it” but I knew even then that it would be cancer. Don’t ask me how I knew that but it was a sixth sense almost. I came back to the UK where I went to see the doctor and was then sent for a mammogram. It was when I went for the mammogram I think that my fears were made reality, because the did three different tests and a biopsy immediately.

This is the breast cancer gown, kinda cute huh?

Well the test did come back positive, stage 2. Well my reaction was to smile…yup I smiled, like an idiot. What else was I to do? We can cry for sure, but I think if we take it with a smile we are not giving cancer what it wants. I intend to be a cancer fighting Ninja.

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