The ‘Alien Mega structure’ Star is even stranger than we actually thought!

The mystifying star KIC 8462852, since it was discovered in 2015, continued to be the reason for confusion and curiosity among astronomers.

All the sky examination documentation recorded by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University point out the fact that this star displayed unusual attitude 10 years ago.

The 1,500 light-years away star KIC 8462852 has another name, Tabby’s Star, given after Tabetha Boyajian — an astronomer from Yale that brought to light the strange temperament of the star in 2015. She observed the star and claimed its light was blurring in an atypical way.

The Kepler telescope observed the dimming stars because a dimming pattern is a way of finding exoplanets. When a planet crosses between us and its anchor star as it orbits, the light of the star blurs from our sight of view.

The dimming of exoplanets represents a regular but restricted activity. Nevertheless, the dimming of KIC 8462852 is something that is rather discontinuous. The star’s most fresh dimming happened in September 2017, going down for 3% but in the past, it showed signs of going down for incredible 22%. There just can’t be seen a recognizable design to the variation of the brightness of the star.

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