Hi. I’ve decided it’s time for me to make a public declaration. A declaration about what I believe in, how I believe in them, and why I’m here at all. Buckle in, this could be bumpy.

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Here’s the tea.

If you didn’t read any of my earlier posts, or this is your first time visiting, I’m Amee. I’m a dietitian. And I’m fat. I’m more than fat. I’m a fat person that isn’t trying to change the size of my body. I tried to fight that battle. I fought it right into an eating disorder.

I’ve already heard (and told myself) pretty everything awful thing I could about myself. And I believed them for so long. I believed that I was a joke to the world because of my body. And I just refuse to believe that anymore. I know my own worth and I am ready to fight for it. So, in the process of making peace with my body, I decided that I would no longer try to change the size of it. So, I’m fat. …


Amee Severson

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist whose work focuses on body positivity, fat acceptance, and intuitive eating through a social justice lens.

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