Why a Cold Shoulder To Tharparkar,Pakistan?

Who will help the 1.5 million people of this region? More than 1,500 children under the age of 5 have died in Tharparkar since 2011. Women of Tharparkar have really gone the extra mile by carrying water pots on their heads in the scorching weather. People are facing the chill wind of poverty, illiteracy, unemployment, chronic malnutrition among mothers, and poor facilities of the hospitals. There are mainly two ways of earning income in Tharparkar. One through cattle population and the other is renting out the agricultural land.

Their Primary source of water is underground wells. And, it takes 3–4 hours to obtain water from dug wells. External particles are infecting the water in open dug wells, resulting in numerous deaths from contaminated water.

Don’t you think Government has really become blind and deaf to solve problems of Thar? Yes, Pakistan Red Crescent will install 10 solar water pumps to provide clean drinking water to the villagers. But, is that enough? What about high rates of child mortality. According to The News Report, about 67 children out of 1000 infants born every year died before the age of five while 83 out of 1000 infants passed away before their first birthday. According to the Pakistan Health Survey, 270 women out of 100, 000 lost their lives during childbirth in Pakistan.

All the seminars, pending resolutions and conferences have always miss the boat. As we all say, Actions speak louder than words. Why cannot we see any positive effect of Government’s Band-Aid solution?

What are we doing as a nation to solve the recurring problems of the area tharparkar? Are we all waiting for a miracle to happen?

Media has already tried to build buzz. I believe change can only come through education. Government should build schools and hospitals having qualified doctors and advance equipment. It is high time that Government collaborates with NGOs like Agha Khan Rural Support Programme, Chhipa Welfare Association, Shahid Afridi Foundation, Edhi foundation, Saylani Welfare International Trust and other charitable institutions to deal with the actual causes of the damage.

Government should also give a chance to multinationals like Telenor, Unilever, PSO and others to play the role of corporate social responsibility. There should be research and development institute to deal with all the above mentioned problems. All we need is a realistic approach.

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