Cryptocurrencies has ruled-over the traditional currencies invented till date. Cryptocurrencies are speculated to be the future of money market. People are bouncing towards it because of its flawless growth rates. We are living in an era where buying a pen to a plane is digitized. An electronic media transaction has curtailed the tradition of physical money transfer across the globe. It has brought in an intervention of third parties such as banks and credit card companies. They have become more authoritative and dominant over the years.

Every transaction made by the customers are accredited, restricted and charged hefty by the middlemen or the gatekeepers. Cryptocurrencies, thus, were invented as a solution to eliminate such intermediates.

Cryptocurrency has an open Market unrestricted for a specific region and people. Anyone with an access to Internet can own and transact Cryptocurrencies across the globe. When compared to all other currencies, Cryptocurrencies give complete control over their money with agile global transactions. Transaction Charges are much cheaper in here.

Cryptocurrencies are tied to a unique and secure BlockChain technology. It is the most transparent and immutable technology created so far. Businesses prefer this technology because of the control they have over their data and transactions. Tampering data is highly impossible in BlockChain technology. The data cannot pass through each BlockChain node, unless verified and approved in every node. National banks in many developed and developing countries are reflecting upon embracing BlockChain technology to empower national currencies.

Countries are heading towards Cryptocurrencies as money is changing its form from physical to digital. Due to hyperinflation in Zimbabwe and Venezuela, Cryptocurrencies had replaced the national currencies. Payment of taxes is made through Cryptocurrencies in Switzerland. Cryptocurrencies are considered as a legal tender in Japan, Australia and Germany. Canada is contemplating about administering Cryptocurrencies through anti-money laundering laws.

There is a durable hype surrounding this new technology. Cryptocurrency investment is a fresh idea to a dense population. The impulsive and risk in the business are the foremost alarms that an investor might have and, that’s where WillToken confidences to aid. WillToken is a collaboration of BlockChain-based with Sawtooth Technology for the Cryptocurrency podium meant for the investors. The stage uses HyperLedger Technology to permit the investors to sort out the best investment verdicts. WillToken aims for a drastic proliferation in the growth of BlockChain-based digital asset investments with utmost security.