Inspiring love by Ameer momo

Love like power. The ability to uptake the heart rate of a human being.

Change in their emotion, their pshysical form, appearance to another.

Love unconditional.

To take life, and to give life.

Love is tears.. Love is anger.. Love is jealousy.

A bound of romance more then the gift of roses and its shatterd bit of chocolates and kisses.

Love is a river. Only if willing it shall carry itself down,up,sideways,forward it’s force to never go backwards. Because true love never sets it’s future on the past.

Mystery and mayhem finding it

Beauty shading over those eyes. Teeth sinking down on the cusion of the lips.

Mind trending and heart discovering.

Love is fight, love is old

Love is joy. Love is young.

Love is forgiveness.But mostly love is forever

So chase the feeling, don’t be shy to love dangerously. Don’t shy away the frowns.. Keep the cheeks blush, keep the feeling insane. A disire lifting And a fire burning deep inside. A craving swallowed..

So build an empire.

-ameer momo
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