Download Samsung Odin compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note and other branded Samsung mobile devices. Samsung Odin download facilitates flashing custom ROM flashing and rooting. Installing custom ROMs, installing stock OTA and firmware.

Samsung Odin comes with latest updates and upgraded versions.Samsung Odin download provides custom recovery features to restore stock firmware and fix Samsung device for any issue in rooting.

Download Samsung Odin System Requirements for Windows

Install ADB and FASTBOOT tools
USB cable of Samsung device
Install latest USB drivers for device on PC
Download PIT and TAR files

Important Facts for Odin Android Root

To keep a data backup of the device is recommend
Download a compatible Samsung Odin version for device
Update the USB drivers to latest ones
Depending on the device you possess rooting methods may be bit different

Complete Tutorial on Samsung Odin Root

Download Samsung Odin.
Establish the connection between the PC and Samsung device.
Switch off the device for 30seconds and then turn on.
Run Odin software.
Click “Auto Reboot” and the “PIT”
Select the PIT file downloaded and tab “Start” to start rooting.
Your device may reboot several times during rooting.

Complete Video Tutorial on Odin Android Root

Samsung Odin Android Root FAQ

Q: Is Samsung Odin a free of charge?

A: Yes. Samsung Odin is completely free of charge.

Q: Is “.zip” extension is compatible with Odin rooting?

A: No. Only *.tar and *. Pit files support Odin.

Q: What is “PIT”?

A: A “PIT” is an alternative method for android file downloading.

Samsung Odin Download Credits

Credits for Samsung Odin Android download and rooting tutorial goes to XDA developers.


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