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Why Mobile ROI Is So Hard

Those of us who are in the digital advertising industry are well aware of the gap between mobile usage and mobile ad spend. This gap is most clearly illustrated by…

What It Means to Be a Product Leader

The best product managers are also great leaders. They have to be great leaders if they want to create an inspiring vision, rally their teams, and…

How Romania Got Its Way at the Treaty of Versailles

At the end of World War I, the leaders of the four primary victors—United States, Britain, France, and Italy—met…

Building a Great Product (“How to Start a Startup” + Slack’s Story)

Sam Altman taught a class last year called “How to Start a Startup.” In his first lecture, Sam discusses why “Building a Great Product” is critically important (15:01 to 25:23 in the video below).

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Insight: The Birth of Amazon’s Free Shipping

Insight is “the power of acute observation and deduction, penetration, discernment, perception.” [1]

Making Big Bets

What do Android, the iPhone, and the Kindle have in common?

Hint: it’s not just that they all have to do with mobile devices.

The Case for Native Mobile Ads

eMarketer recently produced a report called “Apps for Sale! But Are People Actually Buying?” based on user surveys regarding mobile advertising. The report studied user preferences around mobile ads, as well as around ad recall and engagement.

Mobile in-app ads are going to grow

When to Delegate

As entrepreneurs, product managers, and leaders, we are always challenged with the near-impossible task of getting ourselves to scale…

Works Well With Others

One highly valued skill in the business world is “collaboration.” In today’s business environment, it’s not about the lone wolf hero — it’s about strong teams that gel…

Why the Idea is Important (notes from “How to Start a Startup” Lecture 1)

Sam Altman has started a lecture series at Stanford that aims to teach entrepreneurs “How to Start a Startup.”

I’ve only made it partway through his first lecture, but have already found some of his insights compelling.

Why Mobile ROI is Still Hard (One Year Later)

Almost exactly a year ago, I wrote a post titled “Why Mobile ROI is Hard.” A year later, it’s still hard. The evidence is in the two charts…