How we used Ruum App to solve 80% of this Social Enterprise’s pain points

During my participation at the SAP Social Sabbatical, we worked with an Auckland based consulting Social Enterprise called Rākau Tautoko. They undertake community-based projects that help making a difference to communities where they live and work.

We set about identifying their pain points and focussing on the areas that will bring maximum value and growth. We found that 80% of their pain points fit into 20% or two pain categories.

The first category included ineffective time & task management and the second category included ineffective and unclear processes.

Technology isn’t always a solution to business problems but in this case it may just have been the answer.

Assessing the two categories, it turned out that 80% of the pain arose from issues which could be resolved by using a project management tool to manage tasks, assignments, timelines, reporting and collaboration. During our Social Sabbatical, the SAP team were using Ruum by SAP to manage activities with our Social Enterprise.

We trialled Rumm by SAP with the Social Enterprise’s founder, Tara and her team of practitioners (project leads) and the first round of testing had promising outcomes. Ruum is a lightweight and intuitive Project Management workspace that is easy to adopt, and it was exactly what our Social Enterprise needed.

For a new user to start using Ruum, they can watch this two-minute video and pretty much get started.

The Rumm app Founder, Florian was excited to find out that we planned to implement Ruum to a Social Sabbatical Enterprise. He generously committed to a free professional account for Rākau Tautoko as well as an ongoing technical resource to assist with system integrations.

Tara’s team created Ruum project templates which will be used by the project leads to create all projects. This added a consistent structure to all projects and allowed the leads to focus on what really matters; moving the project forward. Tara’s team are actively using the app and have provided a list of feature enhancements.

Ruum has a user community where users can ask questions but also request new features which can be voted up by other users in the community. Over the last month and a half, we have requested feature enhancements which have now been released for use. Due to their Agile development approach and quick release sprints, the turnaround time for a feature to be requested, developed, tested and released can be as quick as a couple of weeks.

Rākau Tautoko Feature Request list:

We are monitoring Rākau Tautoko’s progress with running their projects in Ruum and we have a few more features requested including one that will allow Ruums to be nested within another Ruum. This enables the project lead to manage programs of work more efficiently.