So this just happened. my mom downloaded her first book on kindle , her birthday gift this year from my estranged sibling. Ten pages into the book and she realises that I played the lead character in a stage adaptation of the book this year.

She calls me up, and says whoa u played a paedophile! Out of the blue. Straight up. Excitement in her voice was what shook most apart from the fact that she remembered my play, albeit in lesser detail (I played an incestuous uncle. There is a difference ) .

What also struck me is how she has learnt to adapt to Tech. At sixty one, that is a feat.

She was born when color TV was not yet an Indian thing. When huddling around the radio to listen to the evening bulletin was a thing families did. She grew up and raised us through a period when trunk calls were pre ordered. She is exasperated how fast tech gets obsolete these days while her entire high school to the birth of her first kid (me) saw the same crtv in the same size!

Yet, this Diwali she shared pics of diyas on WhatsApp with the monicker #shotonanote2 . She owns a Xiaomi handset for her call and chat needs, and a note 2 for her camera needs. She knows food is best eaten after taking its pic. She has learnt to catch up on missed episodes of her reality shows on Hotstar.

The last straw for her was ditching the paper back , for the avid reader she is finding books in small town Bhubaneswar is still a task. A gift has gotten her to cross that bridge too.

And yet , with a new technology in hand, all she does is hark back to a book written in the sixties, last performed in the nineties.

It’s true then. Technology has just made it easier for us to do the same old thing we did.