All things considered. The creation of my present.

This may span the course of many an entry as I attempt to tell my story. I also will not be holding to any rules of length so fair warning to those hoping for a quick breeze through

Present day: I’m thankful. Thankful that I woke up. Thankful that I have grown to believe what I now believe, be it true or false. It just makes sense to me now. It’s an incredible feeling to be able to look someone in the eye and simply know that you are right. Not because you have been indoctrinated since birth with the beliefs of a 33rd degree free mason who decided to start his own sect. Or because you have been raised to believe you have been taught the correct interpretation of a book penned at least 2000 years ago. To simply know that what I now believe is logical, that any truly open minded individual can and will listen and be able to at the very worst discern the rationale in what you are saying even if they choose not to believe themselves. That there is actual evidence beyond just words on a page. It’s freedom.

The starting point of indoctrination requires one to view themselves as unbelievably insignificant, to break down your esteem so as to realize that we are so minute on the grand scale of creation that we must be endlessly grateful that god has chosen to care about us, the individual. It’s all leads to a grand sense of gratitude. The belief that we are at the centre of our god’s universe, that he hears our thoughts and chooses to intervene for the sole purpose of rewarding us according to our faith and in turn our actions that bring praise to him. That to live selflessly for him is the greatest privilege and will be accompanied with the richest of remunerations… Immortality. Always immortality, whether it be habitation of an earthly realm or a heavenly one.

Once this is established you will be shown and urged to believe that this infinite being who controls the likewise infinite universe really has no greater priority then your personal well being. Other then universal sovereignty that is, itself essentially a basic matter of gargantuan egos if one is to be truthful. One big dick measuring affair … This “good guy” (Yahweh or Jehovah) has staked his claim as boss, however the devil (Satan or Lucifer) himself once an angel, not so keen on the idea, says fuck that… Fast forward to now, we are living in a state of hereditary perpetual sin, the consequences of them beating it out, using us mere mortals as their pawns. A somewhat eternal pissing contest.

Religion, in my perception of reality as I have now grown to recognize, produces nothing real other then unspeakable atrocities. The sheer loss of life as a direct result of these institutions is incomprehensible. Good people will always have been good, and bad people bad you can argue, however no other mechanism known to humanity would even come close to excusing let alone endorsing the grotesque actions that mankind has inflicted upon one another time after time in the name of their respective gods.

Rather these systems of belief merely provide an intangible emotional crutch and an internal comfort and solace for those that require it. Without a doubt there is something missing from most people’s lives, some choose to fill this void with excess, binge like behaviour, addiction and materialistic self-reward mechanisms, others choose to wallow with feelings of self-pity in the emptiness of their internal queries. Still others remain indifferent, endlessly intentionally distracted. Religion provides an external solution for all of these, focusing on teachings, beliefs and faith provides welcome relief from the possibility of unbiased introspective reflection. For many, delving internally is simply to confronting, abrasive and unrewarding. Indeed various religions actively discourage this pursuit of self-awareness. As if there is no purpose to even seeking to understand one’s self.

What purpose could be higher? If we don’t fully understand or at least attempt to come to know one’s self how can we possibly feel we are qualified to provide the most solemn advice in respect to the most private, intimate areas of humanity to complete strangers? As all religions do.

The harsh yet encouraging reality is that critical, independent thinking has been, and will continue to be, the single greatest threat to falsely established paradigms which are without exception based primarily on fear and reward belief mechanisms. Thankfully we cannot remain in the dark ages forever and as the spread of knowledge has become instantaneous, so has the repulsion of these fallacies grown.

Here’s to the future.

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