What would really be if we were to get out of our own way? What would we be, what would our lives be, what would we become if we only gave ourselves permission to do so? To just be. Self critique is a scourge that I am yet to find a cure for. These internalised criticisms fronted as helpfulness and yet in reality they rarely seek to build us up. Merely to conform us to what we as individuals have learnt as the norm.

Unique snowflakes all melted into the same muddy puddle. Moulded by the same inluences, taught the same bullshit. Did you really think it wouldn’t effect you? Each and every belief that we choose to harbor has in turn, flow on effects for the rest of our belief system. It is all in a state of wondrous connectivity. At times a beautiful symbiosis, others a house of cards. Chaotic ramifications versus pure indifference, the outcome depending on nothing else but conviction.

Do we truly know what we believe about the things that matter? And if we assume our answer is yes, why, to begin with do we even believe that these are indeed, the things that matter? Do we unknowingly assert these beliefs over others who may not share the same?

Beliefs about appearance, employment, body image, attitudes and personas, an endless rain of stimulus from other people’s lives. All can lead to judgements we make unjustly in every interaction. All made with the assumption and conviction that we are in the right, always in the right. Why do we fear being “wrong” so much?

Perhaps it’s because since we are able to express ourselves we were inundated with right and wrong teachings. Scalded and praised, belittled and built up. Countless juxtaposition’s of trial and error. Reward as opposed to punishment. An eternal sovereign story underpinning huge belief and in turn, life for billions of humankind.

We are what we believe there is no escaping it. But only if we choose to believe this. The irony never ends… The symphony of the minds subconscious ponderings plays on indefinitely. So it must if we are ever to stand a chance at escaping our own beliefs.

This is the real battle, not that of convincing others… convincing ourselves.

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