Intricacies of the mind.

How is it that people can hate with such contempt and pure disdain for life while others allow their boundless love to blind them to their own insanity?

Why is it that for every kind deed, every nice act we perform, consciously or otherwise… There are things in our past to offset any good we may strive to do? Can we ever really become a good person? Does the tirade of our conscience ever cease? Are we hopelessly destined to pursue perfection no matter the cost to our present esteem? Or should we merely stop trying and remain a prisoner of impulse? Does it matter?

Are there steps we can take to free ourselves from our moribund path of life? Will these steps serve to complete us as is our aspiration? Or are they an escapism from the queries we discern to difficult to ponder? Do we allow the whimsical notions of our preconceived ideologies to assert themselves over us? And if so, what is to be the outcome of these proceedings?

How can we differentiate between the farces of our mind and facets of reality? And if we were to accomplish this… How would we choose a side?

Would we want to?

Do our pseudo personas end up in turn, pervading our actual self? If so can this be recognised and therefore undone? Where do exterior teachings end and our authentic selves begin? Or once adopted, do these become one and the same? Can we ever be as good as we tell ourselves we are? Have we given a thought to the millions less fortunate then ourselves as we read these words? And if so or if not… where would be the rationale in this? Is this what a good person would do?

What purpose would our lives serve if there was no one to spectate? Would we still be who we are today without an audience? With no passer by to impress would we still strive for personal growth? Can we be truly happy with ourselves regardless of the shallow translucent opinions of others? Or will we allow the hollow perceptions of uninformed minds to hold us captor? Can we break free?

Would we want to?

Why is it that the loss of someone we took for granted causes such guilt? Why in the first place did we do this? Why do we not appreciate things and people while we have them? Do we ever really deserve anything that we attain? And who are we to answer this? Is it possible a life of apparent selfless servitude can be motivated by the feeling of pleasure it brings? Have we perceived that there is more to life then our own selfish desires? Have we asked ourselves what this may be?

Would we want to?

Can we ever begin to understand why the mind creates such burdensome queries? Is there even a purpose attached to such?

Every question in life can be met with just another question… Does this provide any answers for the wondering one? Does this parade of paradoxes ever cease? Will we finally stop searching and conform to the framework which surrounds us, or will we wander on towards oblivion on our quest for understanding? Knowing that there is no end do we have the nerve to keep seeking?

Would you want to?

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