It is what it is and therefore, by definition, can never hope to be anything else.

A small disclaimer before I begin… My writing tends to reflect the way my mind works, swings and roundabouts, complete tangents and digressions, ebbs and flows… not an apology, “it is what it is” but if at some point/points you find yourself wondering how the fuck I’ve ended up down a certain road please bear with me as I tend to weave my way back to the origins of my thought sooner or later. Irrelevant or not is beside the point because in essence everything is relevant. The mind is a curious thing and believe it or not perhaps the way we perceive certain so called truths could not be further from the truth for others.

It will also not be edited other then spelling. Tangents and diversions will stay. Analysis paralysis will take hold far too easily so I have decided to pull the trigger immediately upon completion of each piece. Self-censorship is a bitch and will completely overrun your creative mind if you allow it to take hold. Perfection does not exist. It’s important to acknowledge this, whether you accept it or not.

That being said I guess the simplest place to start with is why… Why bother others with the mundane workings of my overly active mind? It’s a fairly succinct and boring answer in essence. Why not, basically. Why would I be a fucking pussy and not share my mind with the world? Where’s the merit in that? Doesn’t it display more tenacity to stand for something unashamedly then conform to the shell of whatever other people expect to perceive? People, for the most part, will only ever see what they have already assumed or have preconceptions of anyhow. To find a mind free from these restraints is a true rarity. The same can be said of true authenticity. Yet it’s generally very well received and highly respected.

You’ll never really know how someone genuinely views or interprets you. Ever. Yet in this era of self-representation its all people seem to give a shit about. The real experience of anything or anyone can only ever be dependent on their own interpretation of their individual experience, so why do so many constantly reach for an unattainable image in other people’s minds so pigheadedly? If people stopped caring less about other people’s judgments and relied more on their own internal dialogue perhaps the world would be a nicer place to exist… Who’s to say otherwise?

That all being said, reading and writing has been a natural habit and addiction of mine for some time although later in life I fell away from it. I’m hoping to find that passion again. I personally think there is a certain type of freedom to be found in the uncensored expression of thought and its conversion into a physical and tangible form. Thoughts and consciousness are really the final frontiers of learning and something we most likely will never understand or comprehend. Well and truly a topic for discussion on its own merits. But it is this act of transformation that keeps me fascinated. And the end purpose of this entire exercise will be to share what I think and in turn, I believe.

For in actuality, who and what are we if we are not our opinions, our principles, and at the crux of this… Our beliefs.