Pure dictation of thought.

I genuinely believe sharing your life with strangers is a cold and empty existence. In my life I have recently chosen to get to know people. Really know people. Striving to work past the bullshit mundane small talk of every day. It’s very rarely actually important. Unless it’s a kind word or expression of interest, purely making observations of the weather or the state of traffic doesn’t do anyone any service.

I feel there are great benefits to explaining yourself on deeper planes. Why you are who you are. Every time you do so you come to know yourself a little better. Be honest. No one is inherently better then another, we are all who we are to a degree but our ego often prevents us from true disclosure. It is our true intention and internal direction that sets us apart. We can’t change who we are in this present moment but we alone can and must decide and in turn create who we will be in the future.

So much of what we can obtain from our everyday interactions depends on us. On our outlook and our attitude going in. Everything in reality is perceived through the volatile filter of our emotional state at any given time. Acknowledging this and reacting accordingly is such a huge step. Purely reacting to our own emotions can leave us reeling. Simply observing these and maintaining the state we choose is the pinnacle of self-awareness as far as I’m concerned. And this is what makes individuals truly beautiful. Differing beliefs. For if we are not attracted to the workings of a mind what are we attracted to?

You have to learn to get to know yourself first. How can you hope to complete somebody else if you can barely fill your own gaps? Self-love and self-worth are something to be strived for relentlessly. We are all a work in progress. Self-appreciation and discipline instead of self-criticism and victimization. We are all to some extent a result for better or worse of our own self talk and emotional manipulation. What we tell ourselves we can be. Most unfortunately, no one lies like we do to ourselves…

Why shouldn’t we tell ourselves we can be great? Can we tell other people and yet not look ourselves in the eye and be sure to our soul that were going to truly make it come what may. The only thing that can truly stop personal growth is yourself. The vast majority of people simply stop trying. It’s ok to be discouraged, or even worse, to get comfortable. However nothing breeds laziness and complacency like comfort. Sometimes to simply keep going is the hardest step.

Once I can comprehend and believe with every ounce of my being that the greatest and most significant promise I could ever make is to a future version of myself I will finally know for sure that nothing is going to stop me. It’s only a matter of time. I’m still working on it, maybe I always will be. But I believe it is the journey that is to be truly celebrated. Further to this, when was the last time I invested in myself? Truly asked someone for help? All these things I want to do and be and essentially I am trying to do on my own. Letting my internal self-conscious barriers get in the way of my own success. No longer.

An inconvenient truth in that it sets the responsibility squarely upon my shoulders, no one is going to do it for me, yet there is a world of alternate mindsets and liberating paradigms just a conversation away. A beautiful and freeing revelation;

Growth is inevitable if I simply refuse to accept otherwise.