I’m All about Alexa

1.) On June 6th, 2000 my mother gave birth to me in a hospital in Las Vegas Nevada. Shortly after, she took me home to two cats and my dad. Three months after I was born we moved over to crystal lake Illinois. While living there, my younger brother was born. We also found two cats that we still love and take care of, fluffy and Duffy. After living there until the first grade we then moved to lake in the hills for a year. Then, moved to Nebraska for 9 months. Shortly after, that we moved over to wheeling where I went to school from 3rd grade to 6th grade. Then we moved here to mount prospect where I still go to school. Outside of going to school I play travel softball and hang out with friends. I haven’t traveled very much but the best place I’ve traveled is Cancun, Mexico. I’ve been there a few times for a family vacation and enjoyed it very much.

2.) This song matters to me because I think it’s nice that someone made a song about bettering yourself.

3.) Me 9pm

4.) The first picture is a picture of a kid named Gavin, he inspires me because he’s really funny and I strive to be that funny and careless. The second picture is a picture of Jim from the office, he inspires me because all he does is procrastinate and annoy other people and gets paid for it. The last picture is my friend marisol, she inspires me because she does whatever she wants and whatever is best for her no matter what the situation is.

5.) A huge goal in my life is to become a marine biologist and help study over by the coral reef

6.) The first picture is a picture of an angry man, I used this to describe America because I think the people are often very angry. You always see someone mad whether it’s at a restaurant, driving or at a store. America is a very hostile place. The second picture is a picture of fast food, I used this to describe America because fast food is a new thing. You can’t go a few blocks cata a city without seeing at least to fast food restaurants. Fast food is a big part of America and that’s why I chose it. The final picture I chose is a picture of a busy man. I used this picture to describe America because it seems everyone everywhere is always busy and in a rush to get places. In my opinion everyone in America seems constantly busy and that is why I chose that picture.

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