How to Make Him Miss You Now and in the Future

Amelia Hayes
Nov 18, 2019 · 19 min read

Make him obsess over you, not the other way round.

How to Make Him Miss You Now and in the Future
How to Make Him Miss You Now and in the Future

How to Make Him Miss You?

How to make him miss you is a question that can be addressed in many situations. There are obviously many ways to make a man miss you, but many of them are situational too. A man you’re already involved with will respond to certain actions better than a man you used to be with.

That doesn’t mean that some things can’t be applied in both situations. It’s best to know as much as possible about what makes a man tick so that you can accurately assess the situation and figure out which method to use.

Whether that’s giving him more attention, appealing to his secret obsession, or letting go entirely until he goes nuts for not being able to enjoy your presence anymore.

Table of Contents

How to Make Him Miss You Now and in the Future
— — Keep Your Eyes on Him
— — Know When to Cuddle
— — Mirroring Movements
— — Actions Speak Louder than Words
— — Know When to Be a Tease
— — Playing Hard to Get
— — Look Amazing as Often as You Can
— — Show Him Your Happiness Didn’t End with Him
— — Stop Initiating Contact
— — Rock His World
— — Show Attention to Someone Else
— — Be His Rock
— — Triggering His Hero Instinct
— — Drive Him Crazy with Your Perfume
— — Try to Be Relaxed
— — Send or Respond to Romantic Texts
— — Be More Worldly and Adventurous
— — Give the Guy Some Space
— — Put on the Breaks
— — Leave Room for Some Mystery
— — Understand that He May Not Be Like You
— — Show Him That You Can Compete and Win Against Any New Partner
— — Final Thoughts

Keep Your Eyes on Him

Some relationship “experts” say that women are needy. In reality, everyone’s a little needy. What does this mean for you? It means that every so often, a man can be a very needy individual.

This makes your job very easy if you want to learn how to make him miss you. Give him all your attention — not necessarily all the time and in any situation.

But, whatever you do, don’t pay attention to other guys. He is the only one that makes you laugh out loud instead of just smile. He’s the one you rely on for a drive to the airport, and he’s the one you go to for suggestions on what to wear.

What other guys think shouldn’t influence your way of life in any discernible way. Do this to the right man, and he’ll miss you even as soon as you’ll leave for work in the morning.

Know When to Cuddle

The fact that men aren’t into cuddling is a myth. The closeness that a tight cuddle involves helps release a flood of endorphins and dopamine. This basically intensifies the need to feel closeness and the lust between two people.

But you can’t overdo it either, or cuddle your man all the time. At the same time, it’s still a trick that will make any guy miss you if you do it right. Keep the cuddles to a high frequency at the beginning of the relationship — that’s when sparks are flying, the lust is sky-high, and that’s when these types of memories are imprinted forever.

Then, sprinkle some sudden cuddles either in times of need or when things aren’t going so well. Let him win a fight once in a while, even if he shouldn’t. Cuddle him to show that you care and that you trust him. That will make an impression. And, the next time he’s not with you, that’s one of the first memories that will pop up in his head.

By holding on to that feeling of closeness, the longing will only intensify when you’re not around.

This will work on exes and on current partners too. Just be very careful and make sure that the guy you’re with likes that kind of closeness, to begin with. For some, it does go away after a while.

How to make him miss with with cuddling
How to make him miss with with cuddling
Cuddling releases a feel-good hormone called Oxytocin.

Mirroring Movements

Mirroring a guy’s movements is something that can be done to achieve many different goals. It’s one of those things that you can do to get someone’s attention and generate interest. Interestingly enough, guys do it too.

But as it turns out, you can also mirror a guy’s movements to achieve another goal — something you want to accomplish when you’re asking yourself about what you want from a man and whether he’s worth your time or not.

So why does this work? When you’re mirroring someone’s movements, you’re letting their subconscious mind know that you’re essentially two peas in a pod. Because of this, during a period of separation, break up or otherwise, the guy will think that something’s missing. Indeed that will be you since most of his signature gestures are tied in his memory to your presence and your gestures.

Ok. Maybe this is a bit more unorthodox than triggering his hero instinct, but that doesn’t make it a bad thing. Some guys are just too self-involved to realize that they should take the initiative and make an effort. You can consider this as helping your guy move things along.

Actions Speak Louder than Words

Texting romantic texts, sexting, these all work well in certain situations. But actions always speak louder than words.

If you really want to learn how to make a guy deeply obsessed with you, it’s always best to get physically closer than it is to dictate what you want via text.

So, you’ll have to rely on body language more often than not. Consider some of the following gestures:

  • Light arm touching
  • A quick gentle kiss on the cheek
  • Point your body towards him
  • Hand contact
  • Run your fingers through his hair

Gestures of this nature set a guy up for two things. First of all, they let him know that you’re interested. Secondly, they let him know that you’re not just going to jump in his lap that easily.

This is the kind of stuff you can do to get a guy’s attention at any stage of a relationship and, it’s also stuff that will remain imprinted in his memory — things that he’ll look back at when you’re not there.

How to make him miss you and when actions speak louder than words
How to make him miss you and when actions speak louder than words
Breaking the touch barrier.

Know When to Be a Tease

You don’t always have to work to make a man miss you. There are ways to leave a mark indefinitely if you know what you’re doing.

Teasing, for example, can make quite an impression, one that will last through fights, breakups, new relationships, and years to come.

Are you unsure how to tease a man? It’s OK. Many women attribute this to something sexual. You don’t have to do just that. But, enticing a man with your looks and showing him that you like him in a very obvious way, is always going to work.

Before you become an expert on men and relationships in general, you’ll need some practice. But that’s OK too. It takes a while to pick up the subtleties of how to be evident without appearing desperate.

Start small by putting on something sexy at an unexpected moment. Wear that awesome dress not because you want to take him to the bedroom but because you know his jaw will drop.

That’s one way to make a long-lasting impression that will make him miss you, sometimes even when you’re there. But that’s not all.

Playing Hard to Get

Playing hard to get with a man you already have, or had, is never a bad idea either. If you really want to learn how to make a guy miss you more than ever, this is one of the tricks that should be in your arsenal. But what does it mean?

It doesn’t mean ignoring the man. It means letting him work from time to time to enjoy the little things with you. Men like working for a woman’s attention, even though some may say that it’s not in their nature.

At their core, they like the pursuit, whether it’s with a current partner or potential partner. In order to not go overboard with this, try showing some more signs of independence.

Show the man that you do want him but that you don’t exactly need him all the time. You can also take care of yourself.

How to make him miss you and when playing hard to get
How to make him miss you and when playing hard to get
Make him want to pursue you.

Look Amazing as Often as You Can

You can consider this a notion for your long-term plan regarding all relationships. Looking your best as often as you can help leave lots of permanent imprints on a guy’s memory.

This is something that you can work on, on and off, while you’re together, and after you’re done with a guy. When your partner isn’t around, he’ll always have those vivid images in his head about how amazing you are.

For a guy to see you look at your best when he knows that it’s not for him triggers a hell of a lot more, including the longing that you crave, of course.

Show Him Your Happiness Didn’t End with Him

It’s no wonder many breakups end up with people wishing nothing but the worst for the other. Think about it — with men, in particular, seeing someone that used to be an intimate partner is like getting a jab in their manhood with a need to assert dominance.

So how can you handle this after ending a relationship where you still miss the ex love of your life?

Just be happy. Or at least act happy even if you’re not. You don’t always have to surround yourself with dozens of potential suitors, look trashy, or also go out of your way to rub the awesomeness of you in his face.

Go about your usual routine. Show that you can smile even if he didn’t put a smile on your face. Show that you can go out, party, enjoy life even without his presence.

Maybe even go to some of the same spots you used to frequent together and continue having a good time. That will really get his mind to spiral and make him wonder what went wrong, how it happened, and why you don’t miss him.

How to make him miss you by being independent
How to make him miss you by being independent
Enjoy life without your other half while he’s thinking about you.

Stop Initiating Contact

Say you’re wondering how to make him miss you after you’ve broken up for a while. One of the first things you should do is stop initiating contact. It’s OK to answer a text or two, but as long as you’re not the one starting the conversation.

Do this, and you’ll soon notice an increase in incoming texts, Snaps, calls, etc. Not giving a man attention is often the best way to raise his level of interest in you. This works for exes, and it also works for potential suitors.

But for this to truly work, you should’ve made a significant impression during the course of your relationship.

If you’ve triggered his hero instinct on more than one occasion, if you’ve rocked his world, or made sure that for a while he was your everything, this will work every single time.

Rock His World

This pretty much goes without saying. You want to know how to make him miss you if you’re not always around, or if you don’t want to seem desperate for attention? Rock his world.

If a guy is left speechless after all your sexual encounters, you’ll have little to worry about when you won’t be around. He’ll always want to come back for seconds.

So, whether you’re just leaving on a trip without him or you’ve broken up, for that reason alone, he’ll miss you like crazy. It’s human nature, or rather male nature, to feel like that.

How to make him miss you by rocking his world
How to make him miss you by rocking his world
Be that freak in the sheets.

Show Attention to Someone Else

Here’s another trick that you can use on an ex. In the world of social media, you can be sure that your ex knows what you’re up to, even if you don’t meet anymore.

Start showing some attention and closeness to someone else. The first thing to go through his head will be what’s he got or what’s he doing better. Then all the good memories start popping up like an on a reel.

This will make him want to assert his dominance. On the other hand, this method may also work on a current partner.

Merely paying attention to someone else might make your guy get a bit jealous, and make him wonder, “Am I not paying enough attention?” That’s when he’ll start to miss you more, when he realizes that he could lose you one day.

Be His Rock

One of the most important things for a man is to feel appreciated. But not all guys share. That much everyone knows.

So how can you show him that you’re his rock if you don’t know what’s bothering him? Simple — listen to all the little things that he says. Even if he shares 15% of what’s bothering him, it will be necessary to him that you listen and not try to squeeze out too much more.

Let him know that even if you’re not entirely sure what’s wrong, you’re convinced he has the strength to figure it out. That’s something to share that will bring you both closer without being too overt about your intentions.

Will it be easy? Probably not. Will it work? Absolutely. Some men respond even better to these kinds of gestures than to sex.

If you show confidence in him even when you’re out of the loop on something, then he’ll know that you’re with him no matter what and that he can count on you. And, you always miss someone you rely on when they’re not there anymore.

How to make him miss you by being his rock
How to make him miss you by being his rock
Spend quality time together outside of the bedroom.

Triggering His Hero Instinct

Here’s something that’s just been briefly mentioned so far. Triggering your man’s hero instinct or figuring out his secret obsession and acting upon it is one of many ways to make your man miss you.

But knowing when to use this is the tricky part. Not all men need this. It’s all about figuring out if they’re trying to pull away. Look for signs of loss of interest.

Missed texts, missed calls? Not sharing anything personal anymore? These are the things that will let you know it’s time to push the right button. And the right button may seem weird at first, but it will make a lot of sense once you read the story behind it.

What you need to know is that all men have this button. It just needs to be pressed at the right time to have the impact you’re looking for. And, you can order a complete guide on that here.

Drive Him Crazy with Your Perfume

Well, not exactly. But you can drive him crazy by wearing his favorite perfume for you. This will also be a deep trigger for him after a breakup when you’re still likely to run into each other from time to time.

Remember that one perfume that made him go wild for you — the one that sparked the same kind of lust as there was between the two of you at the beginning of the relationship?

If you know you’re going to cross paths, be sure to wear that perfume. Maybe wear a bit extra if you’re not going to be cozying up to each other. Just make sure he gets a whiff. The first thing to go through his mind will be a flood of passionate moments involving you, him, and the scent of that perfume. The part about how much he misses you will come immediately after.

How to make him miss you and drive him crazy with your perfume
How to make him miss you and drive him crazy with your perfume
Your scent should leave a lasting impression and a sense of longing.

Try to Be Relaxed

A lot of men are hardwired into thinking that all women require hard work. This doesn’t exactly set things up for a successful and long-term relationship.

If you want to know how to make him miss you, sometimes you must first learn to relax. Try engaging in more fun activities, project an inviting and charming personality towards everybody; don’t worry about all the world’s problems all the time.

If a guy sees you as relaxed, maybe even a bit care-free at times, with a sense of humor, less strict, and so on, you’ll be the type of person he’ll always miss if you’re not around — not necessarily because you’re that way with him. But mostly because it will come like a breath of fresh air, and it will reassure him that not all women make guys jump through hoops.

Send or Respond to Romantic Texts

This is something you’ll want to do in moderation and usually only if you’re in a relationship with a guy and not living together.

Men are known to initiate most romantic text conversations. But, women can also escalate things from casual texting to borderline sexting. If you don’t want to seem desperate but still want a foolproof method of making him want you even more, consider responding with shorter texts.

Sometimes it’s even better if you send something romantic out of the blue. But don’t respond or text all the time; these days, and for some guys, that can be seen as too much attention already.

You’ve got to learn to give him time to miss you. Does it make sense?

How to make him miss you with romantic texting
How to make him miss you with romantic texting
Keep things short and sweet as texting is a power game.

Be More Worldly and Adventurous

This could be one of the best things you can do with a guy who likes to feel alive — take a chance with him once in a while.

You don’t have to jump out of an airplane with him if you’re not feeling it. But don’t nag him about the jump either. Show support, take some pictures, film him, wait for him at the landing site, or even hop on the plane with him.

Give him a kiss before he jumps and tell him to wait for you down there. You get the point. Some men need to feel a rush of adrenaline from time to time.

These are often the kind of men that feel alive in the middle of the action and don’t think much about sharing feelings, watching sob movies, or simply hanging out to binge-watch a whole season of something in one day.

So, can you make yourself even more desirable without embracing his wild side? Sometimes you just can’t. But, follow him on enough adventures, and he may start turning to you more often for his rush of adrenaline.

Give the Guy Some Space

This may sound weird to you, but when you want to know how to make him miss you, probably the last thing to come to mind is giving him some space.

But think about it. How can a guy begin to miss you if you’re always there? Try finding a hobby that doesn’t involve him or hit the road with your besties for a memorable road trip.

Take some “you” time for once. It will do you good to socialize on your own too. It will give you time to hang out with some friends that may not gel with your man.

At the same time, it will put the guy in a position to think about his life without your presence. Then, if you’re even half the woman he wants you to be, he’ll be missing you in no time.

Just remember not to give him too much space too soon. If you do this too early in a relationship, he might think that you’re not that interested, and he might lose interest in you.

Don’t confuse this with playing hard to get. That’s a great trick, but it only works because you’re letting the guy know that you’re into him, but not so much that you’ll jump him on the first occasion.

How to make him miss you by giving him space
How to make him miss you by giving him space
Sometimes you’ll both need your own space.

Put on the Breaks

Again, just because men have many similarities doesn’t mean that they’re not all very different too. Not all guys are going to fall for the same tricks or the same combination of methods.

Some will be quick to spot that you’re pushing all the right buttons to get a longing reaction from them. In some situations, actually doing less will be better.

This can be particularly helpful after a breakup. If things ended on decent terms, but you want to figure out how to make him want you again, one of the most common mistakes is giving him constant reminders.

Some guys will see right through the texts, Facebook tags, unexpected run-ins in your social groups, and so on. Stop trying and give it some time.

This really sells it because it lets the whole “missing” thing sink in. It’s just like giving a guy space in a relationship. He can’t really miss you if you’ve broken up, and you keep bringing up stuff about the good times you’ve shared.

Of course, the trick to making this work is to figure out what kind of guy he is.

Leave Room for Some Mystery

A lot of women, and men, fall into the trap of going into a relationship like a blockbuster movie trailer. Maybe it’s a weird analogy, but think about it.

Men usually miss what they’ve known and loved about a woman and also the things they never got to experience or discover about her.

If you pour your life story on his lap at the beginning of the relationship, there won’t be much left for him to want to discover.

Yes, there are always new memories to be made. But sometimes, if a guy doesn’t seem to miss you, it’s probably because he learned too much too soon.

And it doesn’t have to be bad stuff either. Leave him wanting more. Start by telling a fun story, but don’t finish it. Tell him that the ending is better saved for another time.

It’s nothing quite out there, but sometimes it’s the little things that get a guy’s attention and stick.

How to make him miss you by being mysterious or aloof
How to make him miss you by being mysterious or aloof
Be a little mysterious and don’t feed him too much information too early.

Understand that He May Not Be Like You

Don’t go into a relationship by assuming you’re going to change him.

Yes, some men do need to change, and no one’s arguing that. But if it’s nothing major, don’t put too much effort into demanding or influencing unnecessary change.

To do this, you can do simple things like avoiding preaching or placing blame too often. Sometimes forgiveness goes a long way.

You should still let the man know how you feel about a forgotten anniversary or some dishes or chores that he didn’t take care of. But it’s best to avoid continuing the conversation by making him sure he understands just how pissed you are about it.

If you say you feel bad, but that it’s OK, and that hopefully, that won’t happen again — that will do wonders for you in his eyes.

Maybe even say that the fault lies with both of you, that perhaps you should’ve also reminded him of whatever it was he forgot, just to be sure.

If you’re that type of woman, there’s no telling how much he’ll miss you when you’re not around. Being understanding, within acceptable limits, of course, is one of the quickest ways into a man’s heart.

Show Him That You Can Compete and Win Against Any New Partner

Assuming you haven’t been with a guy in a while, but you still want to know how to make him miss you, even though he’s with someone else, here’s something that can help you.

If you’re still on speaking terms, don’t be afraid to be in the same room with him and his new partner. But, once you’re all under the same roof, be sure to let him know that you’re doing just fine without him.

Show him that you can still have a good time. Most importantly, show him that you’re happy for him too. That will spark his jealousy.

In turn, that will make him wonder — “what if?” and “how come?” Put his feelings to the test without hitting on him. Let him know that your life didn’t end with your breakup.

To do this, you can try a combination of body language and phrases that are sure to work:

  • Talk to him but also look away at other guys
  • Smile as often as possible to what he says
  • Maybe show more interest in his new partner as a potential friend
  • When asked, mention a few new stories where you’ve had more fun than with him, but without mentioning the exact situation involving the two of you
  • Be approachable but don’t tease or show interest
  • Don’t give him too much attention if his partner leaves the two of you alone for a while

Doing all of these things will inadvertently bring back tons of happy memories. At the same time, it will make him wonder how come you can be as satisfied if not more without him.

That will make him miss you, especially when you show that you’re capable of all of the above, while he’s actually with someone else, and you’re not. It’s that confidence that will get him every time.

How to make him miss you without being the crazy ex-girlfriend
How to make him miss you without being the crazy ex-girlfriend
Don’t be that ex-girlfriend.

Final Thoughts

You shouldn’t ever try to make a guy miss you if he’s not worth it. Sometimes bad breakups are supposed to happen, and both individuals should move on with their lives.

With that in mind, sometimes guys are just stupid and don’t realize how good they have it. If that’s the case, they may need a little nudge in the right direction.

By using the tips in this article and your common sense, you’ll be able to figure out the correct method for your situation, but without seeming needy and not worthy of the attention you want.

How to make him miss you — final thoughts
How to make him miss you — final thoughts
Make him develop a healthy obsession with you.

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