1 Reason Why Not

What if you were one reason why someone didn’t take a drastic measure because of the seemingly dire situation they find themselves in?

What if you could take the time to listen — really listen — to what people are saying and tell them that you hear them, that you understand.

This is the message that I took from the Netflix Original series “13 Reasons Why”. For me, the series made me reflect on how I am as a friend, sister, daughter, granddaughter, partner and colleague. How could I have known if someone I love or care about was struggling? Could I have helped in some small way?

Since I finished the series, I’ve taken extra time to listen. We are all busy and we all have things happening in our lives which are important and at times consuming. But I’ve made a conscious effort to listen, to understand, and to provide a smile, a hug, chocolate or my favourite — my time.