Her Story

She was young and the world was cold, innocence in her eyes she met the wrong people, taught her how to smoke drink and swear.. at the age of 14 smoking herb and getting drunk over weekends 15 years old her life took a turn for the worst she met n guy who would kill her kindness and sell her soul, he created a monster, taught her the only way to show that someone really loved you was “Making Love” to each other. Yes she was stupid and naive but clearly his planned worked and shortly after that things went south, he broke her heart and left her with nothing. He left her in the dark and now she was lost rumors spread like a wild fire everyone knew what a sad pathetic person she was running after him she was lost and alone. At the age of 16 she was a rebel and full of hate, met people who helped her into another world, full of magic but darkness but funny enough feeling like she belonged. One day she met a boy.. he made her feel special and safe.. until one day he touched her and she pulled away.. and it happened so quickly the burn was instant and then it was too late.. she got use to feeling pain because it was the only thing that she did feel.. one day she sat in a dark room crying herself to sleep when she got an idea using her only strength she hid her kindness so deep within herself that no one will find it… And from that day on she felt nothing.. she became brutal and unforgiving.. her eyes went black and so did her soul..