On the train from nyc to bmore (supposedly a song)

Where we going

Where we going

Back home we say

To bmore

The night train

Past lights

But where is home??

Where is home? When I’m alone on my own

They say it’s where your heart is

Idk where my heart is

I left it on the golden gate and a jet plane

Sold my soul to Sally drew it in the sand

Waves came

Then it was erased so

306 or 168

I feel love when you say my name

At the end and beginning of sentences

Naiia like the nile

Death swam past the ambulances to calypsos cave

To try to get a glimpse

Of life outside the underworld of the grave


Swam to its


Golden gate

So we celebrate we celebrate we celebrate with glow sticks and sugar confetti

And you sing and scream and write my name

I feel like I feel everything ten fold in magnitude

Why you do what you do

Bumpy tracks

Leave my mind awake

Thoughts loiter

On the amtrak all the way

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