You a lil too trippy for my taste

And you just fly in your mind to outer space

Empire State. Don’t hesitate. where are you where is your mind @

It’s okay. I got binoculars

And sometimes I like life from afar

but will you slow down for me

I forgot my keys back home I have to go. can we walk slow,


I still like you whether

Or not your heads on your shoulders

Or up in the air

Cause I know you care when your minds not there

You a lil too trippy for my taste

I wonder what you see in my face

Or you just looking through me

A glass menangerie

Wuss up w this obsession with indigo

I just like the pastel colors

But then it got dark bc

We tried to find the place where eternal sunshine lives in

But it don’t exist and

It shined so bright

It made us blind.

But hind sight I still love you

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