Give Yourself the Gift of Passing: Quizlet

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: exam season. Who doesn’t love finals? Writing out pages upon pages of study notes, getting hand cramps, and reviewing the chicken scratch you wrote down as your teacher or prof was quickly explaining a difficult concept during class sound like pure happiness, right? Not for any sane person. There are tons of students that have told me that they don’t study for finals just because it’s “too much work”, or that “it’s just boring”.

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But what if there was a more engaging way to study? One that saves your hand from cramping up and reduces the likelihood of you giving up and just winging that final test?

That’s where Quizlet comes in.

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What is Quizlet?

Quizlet is a great resource for studying. It was launched 10 years ago by a man named Andrew Sutherland. The site helps students in high school and post secondary education by allowing them creating flashcards and other tests to quiz themselves (and even others) on material they need to know. There are two different subscriptions to the site: a free one and Quizlet Plus- where you can add photos to your study sets and have an unlimited amount of classes. According to the website, Quizlet is used by over 30 million students every month. With my final exams coming up, I decided to become one of those students.

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I want to do well on all of my exams to end my first semester of university. By using Quizlet in an effective way, I should be able to. I decided to focus on my exam for a class I have called EID 100. So, I made a free account and got to work.

How Quizlet Works

The first thing I did was create a study set. This consisted of a series of flashcards with terms and definitions that I used from my class. I was also able to give my study set a name to make sure I kept all of my information organized. When I was finished writing my flashcards, I clicked ‘Done’ at the bottom of the screen. It took me back to the main page, where the website had taken the information that I put in my cue cards and translated to to five other study methods: writing, spelling, test, matching, and one called Gravity.

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Curious as to what it was, I clicked on it. Quizlet had turned my questions into a game in which I had to protect a planet from getting destroyed by asteroids through correctly answering questions. Within the game, I adjusted the settings to the way I wanted them and began. It was fun! After I completed the game, I tested myself with the flashcards that I created, along with the matching game the site provides.

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All in all, Quizlet manages to engage students and allows them to participate by making their own quizzes while doing so in a fun and creative way. This exam season, give yourself the gift of passing, use Quizlet.

If you’re interested, give my Quizlet a go! If you want to create your own, click here.

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