4 best places to Buy Art Online

Hello everyone! Please be gentle as this is the very first time I use Medium to post something.. To be honest I had never even heard of this platform until 30 minutes ago! ^^'
So let’s get straight to my list.

Have you ever wondered where to buy art online? Googling it will just make the choice more difficult with all the platforms out there. As an art lover, am facilitating the process and made a list of 4 best places to buy art on the internet. Now of course all of these platforms have affordable art and therefore can be used by almost anyone! Anyone that loves art of course. Since this is my case am really happy about these platforms.

  1. Peddle Art
    Now Peddle Art is the most recent art marketplace that has been launched. Based in Switzerland, Geneva , the platform has been growing very quickly since its launch and has a diverse selection of affordable fine art. Pretty easy to use, you can buy art directly from the artists and contact them at anytime. I always had very quick responses from the artists and to be honest this is one of my favorite thing about Peddle Art! Yes I am impatient! Anyways this platform is great if you are looking to buy art online, it is very secured, simple, affordable and has great art! You can buy prints and original artworks on the platform.
    The reason why I put it first is simply because it is the newest and since I have been buying art online for a long time, a bit of change felt really good! I actually learned about this platform by following one of their instagram accounts. They have great art pages with millions of followers, you should check them out.

Go have a look at it: www.peddle-art.com

2. Saatchi Art
Same business model as Peddle Art, Saatchi art is also a great marketplace with lots of artists with all kinds of prices. You can find very expensive artworks on the platform as well as very cheap ones. The platform is a bit complex to browse on but they have the option of getting in touch with one of their curators, which will help you. Very dedicated and professional, saatchi art is one of the leading online art galleries.
You can browse by style, size, price, category and of course keywords.

Check it out: www.saatchiart.com

3. Etsy

Of course, nobody can talk about online art without mentioning etsy. I put it on the third place though because the platform is not really fit to buy paintings, drawings or photography for example. However it is great to buy small handmade objects from all over the world. Very professional, the platform has this review system, which really helps you decide whether you will or will not buy a certain item. I don’t think i need to write more about the website since most of you probably already know etsy.

Browse now on www.etsy.com

4. ArtSpace
What I like the most about artspace is their advisers. Honestly, they simply have great tastes and will help you find what you are looking for by listening to your requirements. Again, they have a lot of artworks and try to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for. The platform is also very simple to use. It does have a lot of information, however this information is very easy to comprehend. Specialized in contemporary art, the platform sells many different type of art by artists from all around the globe.

Visit www.artspace.com

Now this is already it. I hope I helped you choosing a platform to buy art on. Note that this list is only based on my experience and taste. Of course there are tons of places to buy art online out there and many of them are very good too. So my advice would simply be : go with your instinct and remember than the first choice is often the right one. So if you find an artwork you really like and really meets your requirements, just go with it. Looking on another platforms for other artworks will only complicate the process!