Why On Earth Would Anyone Want To Run 145K?

So easy to yell out critisism and scream for help. But are you actually doing something for the change you claim you want to see?

Gandhi said the greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated. But to achieve greatness, a nation needs educated citizens. We need youths who are intellegent enough to know that a dog eats nasi padang because he is starving - not because he is a manifestation of the devil and therefore must be stoned to death.

Yes, Emotional Intelligence, empathy, and open-mindedness may not originate solely from traditional classrooms. But we cannot deny that education broadens our horizon. It changes how we think, how we process issues and methods for solutions. Knowledge is like a pair of good running shoes, isn't it? Yeah sure we can always move from point A to point B. But a good pair of running shoes will help us get there faster, easier, injury-free.

Even if we rescue all the dogs we see, humans will keep breeding them and abusing them. We need to get to the root of the problem - in order to save the animals, we need to help the humans first.

We need to make sure children grow up equipped with the basic knowledge that will enable them to continue moving forward. We need kids who would (could) graduate elementary school, and move on to junior and then high school, and then to college. We need kids to grow up becoming philanthropists, volunteers, veterinarians, lawyers and law enforcement officers. Yes, people, UU No. 18 Tahun 2009 Pasal 66-67 and KUHP Pasal 302 are very real — but with no one to implement them.

I want a generation who would raise the next one to spread awareness and kindness — that there are applicable laws and that animals have souls, instead of your personal money-makers.

I don’t know if I have done enough to be able to boast that I have #BikinKerenIndonesia. But y’all know I try. Not trying to sound conceited, I volunteer, I educate, I try my best to lead by example. And running #NusantaRun Chaper 4 — this 145K ultramarathon — is simply another great way to ensure I am doing what I can to make the change I want to see. Mari #KitaBangunSekolah.

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