The 5 People You Need To Be Happy by Stacey Flowers

True, authentic happiness is about unleashing your talent to positively influence this world.

Relationships have the deepest, richest impact on our levels of happiness more so than other factors combined.

  1. Cheerleader — to believe in you when you struggle to believe in yourself
  2. Mentor — to point you in the right direction when you’re feeling lost
  3. Coach — to take you out of your comfort zone so you can maximize your potential and make things happen
  4. Friend — to hear out your dreams and deepest desires
  5. Peer — to keep you focused on the task at hand

RIP Clay Christensen (1954–2020).

How Will You Measure Your Life? by Clay Christensen. At 7:55 is where he shares his personal story.

“It’s actually really important that you succeed at what you’re succeeding at, but that isn’t going to be the measure of your life.”

TLDR; It’s not about the material/wealth we accumulated but the individual people whose lives we’ve touched.

We’re driven to achieve. When you have some extra energy or 30 minutes of your time, you will allocate it to whatever activities in your life that give you the most immediate evidence of achievement, instinctively and unconsciously.

Our careers provide the most tangible, immediate achievement.

In contrast, investment in our families does not pay off for a very long time. It…

Yay. we made it through 2019.
ohai I’m alive, didn’t die. What a surprise! Just kidding…

10 Highlights

1. New role I like

I got the opportunity to expand into a new role in innovation: expanded my views on Fintech, AI, having more time to dive into the technologies a bit more. During my tenure, I managed to meet many good and smart people and that really excites me most! It’s very rewarding to match good companies with impactful projects.

2. More, new places

Travelling created many new memories that will bring a warm fuzzy feeling in my heart when as I look back next time! …

This is a great reminder and recent thought that came to my mind as well.

My recent travel to Mt Bromo & Ijen was an adventure.
Not for the physically weak — but really fun for me. A little out of my comfort zone, but nothing too crazy! I will keep these close to my heart and remember the genuine joy and calmness I felt being so close to nature. 😍

“You don’t realize what you have until it is gone.”

Travelling abroad reminds us how to be thankful at home and take things for granted. My accommodation wasn’t…

Be grateful.

As learned from David Steindl-Rast

All of us want to be happy. In this, we are all together. How we imagine our happiness, that differs from one another, but it’s already a lot that we have all in common, that we want to be happy.

What is the connection between happiness and gratefulness? Many people would say: when you are happy, you are grateful. But think again. Is it really the happy people that are grateful? We all know quite a number of people who have everything that it would take to be happy, and they are not happy, because they want…

David Brooks at Dartmouth Class of 2015

Script here

I could write out a priority list on a piece of paper of the things I loved, and I could rank them and I could devote my best energies to my highest loves.

When you have the ability to write that list in order, you’ve achieved your agency moment.

I had a student who was a young Army officer. During one of his tours, he had a terrible superior officer who gave him nothing but negative feedback. During those 18 months, he said he could not rely on external validation or…

by Tracy McMillan @ TEDxOlympicBlvdWomen

What I learned is how to sit by my own bedside, how to hold my own hand, how to nurse myself, and how to comfort myself. What I learned is that I am a person I can count on. When you marry yourself, it’s to have and hold yourself.

What does it mean to have and to hold?

You love yourself the way you want someone else to love you. I’ve always been going through life with this sense of lack. I felt like half a person.. like I was missing something. I went into…

Credits: The School of Life
  1. Resilience: The art of keeping going even when things are looking dark. Refusing to frighten others with one’s own fears, and understanding human nature is tough.
  2. Empathy: The capacity to connect with the unique experiences of another person. Courage to become someone else and look back at oneself with honesty.
  3. Patience: We should grow calmer and more forgiving by getting more realistic about how things tend to go.
  4. Sacrifice: Forgo our own pleasure/satisfaction in the name of somebody/thing else.
  5. Politeness: We should spare others too much exposure to our deeper selves. We need to learn…

An epidemic of bad, inefficient, overcrowded meetings is plaguing the world’s businesses — and making workers miserable.

David Grady says we are suffering from Mindless Accept Syndrome (MAS): an involuntary reflex in which a person accepts a meeting invitations without even thinking why.

The cure:

How we can stop this:

  • Click “Tentative” button when there is no agenda.
  • Ask the organiser that you support them, but find out how you can help and provide support them achieve their goal

When more of us do that, people might become more mindful when they send out meeting invitations. Maybe we can start to see agendas in it. Maybe we will see changes in behaviours, because we changed ours.

Let’s work towards NO MAS.

Amelia Chen

Being Human | #thedailystoic ❤️ Penchant for cat videos and yoga.

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