Insect Insanity Apple Watch App

Insect locater for the hands-free bug enthusiast.

We observed that the Apple IoS phone app is inconvenient for busy users who may interact often with nature and may not want to pull out their phones, which would cause them to miss insect locating notifications. How might we create a hands-free system to help locate bugs for an insect enthusiast?

My audience would be bug enthusiasts/hobbyists between the ages of 13–50. We focused on our persona, Sheila, a 29-year old microbiology PhD student who enjoys hiking and insect spotting for fun.


Time: 1 day. We had to have our deliverables ready by end-of-day Friday.

Unfamiliarity: Neither of us had used an Apple Watch before. We had to adapt to the new technology.

Because my team and I were unfamiliar with the Apple Watch technologies, we spent time researching by watching videos and reading articles to learn how to use the device. We also conducted contextual inquiry watching someone using his Apple Watch.

We began by referring back to our user flows we had created yesterday to create a new user flow based on the Apple Watch.

We adapted our flow to the Apple Watch by focusing on time and location.

From our flows, we each created sketches, which we analyzed to discover our priorities of focusing on screen number, notifications, time, and actions.

We both created 2 iterations of screens and had similar ideas.

We combined our sketches into a paper prototype that focused on the user’s experience with time using the watch.

Our final prototype measured distance by time, rather than kilometers or miles.

Because we were working quickly, we moved to create wireframes of our screens.

Our wireframes helped guide us into hi-fidelity.

By the end of the day, we were able to bring our screens to hi-fidelity.

We had a simple user interface based on location, maps, and time.

Process: User Research, Contextual Inquiry, Flowcharts, Flow, Prototyping, Wireframing, Sketches, Paper Prototyping, Lean UX, Modalities.

Focus on flows. We adapted our iOs flow to create an Apple Watch flow, which helped us figure out quickly which features we wanted to include: time, navigation, and location.

Modalities are adapted to device. This was our first Apple Watch product and neither of us had used the device before. We had to research how to use the watch and adapt our notifications to the Apple Watch’s notifications, as well as prioritize due to screen real estate.