Insect Insanity IoS App

Insect finder for the bug enthusiast.

How might we create a convenient way for insect enthusiasts to locate and identify bugs?

My audience would be bug enthusiasts/hobbyists between the ages of 13–50. We focused on our persona, Sheila, a 29-year old microbiology PhD student, who enjoys hiking and insect spotting for fun.

Time: 1 day — we had to create hi-fidelity screens of our product by the end-of-day.

Scope: We were given a wide scope and had to focus to narrow our scope down to one specific task.

We began by creating a user flow to figure out how many screens we wanted and split it into user task flows.

Our initial flow focused on locating insects in the immediate area.
Our specific task flow focused on adding a bug.

From our flows, we each created sketches, which we combined into our final prototype.

Our paper prototype showed features we scraped and merged (i.e. an index screen).

We decided to make some changes to the screens and merge our index and search screens, as they were repetitive. Also, we designed a client-onboarding system to introduce our user to the “my profile” section.

Our onboarding system teaches the user how to discover bugs, use the database, and access their profile.

Here are the final screens we created.

The final screens in high-fidelity allows a user to locate, add a new bug, identify a bug, and pin it to their collection.

Process: Personas, Flows , Flowcharts, Prototyping, Wireframing, Onboarding, Lean UX, Wireframing.

Start with flows. Because our topic was so broad, we began by creating user flows. We then broke down our flows into task flows and focused on creating one flow.

Onboarding is essential. We were not entirely sure how to integrate our profile into the navigation, but after we included an onboarding system, the “my profile” page was more usable.