TriAngel: Funding Female Founders

A Tinder Triangle to match Founders to their perfect Investors and Mentors.

For the Lady Problems Hackathon, we focused on Female Founders’ issues finding investors for funding. Founders have mentors who introduce the founders to investors. Afterwards, connections may not often meet each other. Founders need a simple tool to follow up with new connections because there is no quick way to immediately schedule meetings with new contacts.

My audience included founders, investors, and mentors; with a focus on founders. I worked with Roshni, the founder of ImpArt, who came up with the idea of TriAngel and tested our prototype with her investor and mentor friends who may be potential users of the app.

Time: 24 hours. We were working to solve the problem of female entrepreneurship in the “Lady Problems” hackathon.

Backgrounds: We were a team of three –designer, developer, and entrepreneur. Our team formed at the hackathon and had to adapt to each others’ styles. 
Roshni had a clear idea of her problem and she would be a user of the mobile app, so I immediately sat down to begin prototyping with her. We ran through a few ideas of screens, scrapping the bad ideas to find the best ideas. Because we had the concept of Tinder to match Entrepreneurs to Investors and Mentors, we decided to add a “schedule meeting” feature.

We scrapped bad ideas to develop the great idea of including a Google Calendars integration feature for scheduling.

We wanted to create an interactive prototype out to investor and founder friends to test, so I created a quick wireframe for the app. Because we had 3 types of users of the app, I discovered that flow and loop were more difficult and I had to create more screens than I expected.

Three types of users created a large, complicated flow.

We shipped a prototype out and received feedback that our flow was good and made sense. Luis, our developer, took over the prototype and began to work on the back-end to ensure that our app was actually functional.

Left to Right: Swipe Screen, Match Screen, Meet/Calendar Screen, Meeting Confirmation.

By the end of the hackathon, Roshni pitched Luis’s working prototype and I had a backup interactive high-fidelity prototype on Invision.

Process: User Testing, User Research, Empathy, Prototyping, Wireframing, Usability test, Lean UX, Ionic, Full-Stack Javascript.

Coordinate the Front-End and Back-End. Our functioning Back-End product was a lot simpler than the Front-End prototype. It was difficult to match the front and back ends within time constraints, but we had a back-up interactive prototype for the Hackathon.

Manage flow by scale. TriAngel involved 3 types of different users. This created three different flow paths at each decision point. Originally, I only anticipated one user’s flow, but had to create 2 other types of user flows and ended up with many screens. After this discovery and coordination with the Back-End, we scaled down our project to focus on 4 of the most important screens. Scale allowed us to focus.