The art of jewelry making and its importance in the society

Jewelry making is an art and it has deep roots and it has a recorded history of 100,000years. Ancient civilizations know the art of jewelry making. It is a wonder to think how they could create all those intricate designs without having the support of modern technology and machinery. The complex designs and the work done in those days is a clearly indication that they are experts in the art. Beginning with the melting of Gold and bringing the metal into required shape and size it is a long journey in the process of jewelry making. The exquisite designs that are both eye catching and exuberant combinations enough to glue your eyes on the jewelry. 
To pursue the quest of jewelry making is not an easy thing for anybody. It requires lot of dedication, commitment and attention. Unless you cater enough time and attention with due diligence, it is not possible to master the art of jewelry making. One has to observe many thing and the aspirants need to work under master crafts men to understand the process. This is a field where the practical learning plays a prominent role. There are many things to learn if anybody wishes to master the art of jewelry making from scratch they should begin with the art of melting different metals so that they can go through the process stage by stage. Melting is the first step of a ladder, where one has to know how to remove impurities, how to melt, what is the temperature required, when it should be poured into the moulds, how to cut the runways, how to bring convert the ingots after cooling them and so on.
If the process is not done properly then there will be air holes, patches and the sheet, or wire formation is prone to scaling and the wires may break up and it will be a mess and poses multiple challenges for the jewelry maker. Therefore, even a single piece of jewelry demands highest skill and expertise. The mould making, stone setting, gem stone selection, identifying the quality of gem stones, how to prepare different parts of the ornaments, creating base plate, creating suitable designs for earrings, studs, fingers rings, nose rings, ankles, necklaces, chains and so many other ornaments.
22k Gold Jewelry is in high demand and people love to wear jewels made out of this material since it is extremely skin friendly and there will be no chemical reaction and skin will be protected from the side reactions. Even though the modern technology allowed mass production, still handmade jewelry is very popular. People love to wear them and they treasure these rare jewelry pieces. 
Now the molds are available for jewelry professionals using one single mold they can prepare different varieties and combinations with beautiful mix and match of stones, pearls, ivory and gem stones. Stone setting from using small size stones to bigger stones and using pearls for embellishment is considered as the best method to provide enticing ornaments. It is a pleasure to own such exquisite 22k Jewelry in your possession.

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