This weekend I hosted FemmeHacks, an all-women* collegiate hackathon. We (FemmeHacks organizers) use * to intentionally bring attention to the fact that “woman” is a complicated label and we include cis and trans women, gender-queer, and non-binary folks. For the rest of this article, when I refer to women, please know this is what I mean. By hosting FemmeHacks, we create this space for women to come together, to build, and to learn from one another. To have space to focus on hacking and not to have to educate men. To have space to focus on creating and not the…

Tech it Out Philly is a program that works with Philadelphia public high school students to explore social change through computer science. Fifteen students sign up for an 8-week program where they learn how to code, discuss social issues facing their communities, and create websites to address some of these issues. In learning how to code, the students create a plethora of opportunities for themselves, including lucrative future opportunities. For example, the average starting salary for a software engineer in Philadelphia is $71,008 (Glassdoor 2016). And in coding with the motivation to create social change, they create more opportunities for…

Amelia Goodman

Good at: feminism, tech, brunch, lists

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