Tech it Out 2.19

I was floored today. I am so proud of this group of students. I remember being nervous that I would never be able to have as good of a group of students as I did last semester. This group is so thoughtful, so funny, so fun. I tried to get the girls to come to FemmeHacks and hopefully I will see some of them there. They all got into taking the live photos for our website and it makes me so happy. They are so adorable and the student page looks INCREDIBLE now. We went over materializecss and I showed them and their websites look really good. Like honestly kind of shockingly good for having never programmed before. It took me so long to learn how to do this stuff and they pick it up so quickly. I wonder how we can all keep in touch when they graduate the program. I wish they liked facebook so we could have a fb group or something. I will ask them what they use next session. I can’t believe the progress they’ve made and it’s only the third week. I also need to say how amazing the coaches are. I am so impressed they make my job so easy. They seem to have real connections with their group which I think is so important. I honestly can’t believe how well this program is going, it fills me with such joy. I’m so excited for the launch party since I know the websites are going to look incredible and have such great content.

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