We are improving patient outcomes via remote monitoring and changing behavior through multi-channel communications. We do this with our proprietary application layer and mobile application that feeds data from wearables and home-based wellness devices. Currently in early market validation, we found early interests among patients, healthcare professionals and stakeholders of the healthcare ecosystem.

- Conduct market validation through design thinking process with medical professionals and stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem.

- Design business models through primary and secondary research including determining price points, navigating regulatory frameworks and feasibility assessment of Go-to-market mechanics

- Competitive landscape research to understand plays in the space and their level of maturity

- Design business model and map revenue streams

- Design product proposition and service fulfillment mechanics

- M.B.A/B.B.A in Marketing Managment

- Early career professionals or undergraduates in final year with good internship experience are welcome

- Passionate about digital healthcare

StartUp Jobs Asia — Startup Jobs in Singapore , Malaysia , HongKong ,Thailand from http://www.startupjobs.asia/job/14513-market-validation-manager-marketing-job-at-cambrian-concepts-singapore


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