American Choral Directors Association National Conference Sexism, color coded!
Amelia Nagoski, DMA

I was on the planning committee for the ED Conference in 2016, and I know the planners are aware of the imbalance and want to try to correct it. There is a lot of debate about what’s causing it and how it can fairly be corrected. Also, the same thing goes for race in ACDA. The stages are full of white people, and since the acceptance process is blind, how can we take some affirmative action? Should the process be blind?

Anyway, yes, there are fewer women teaching college and advanced high school programs. So, why is THAT happening? Very large scale sexism. It’s not ACDA’s fault. This is a symptom of a much bigger problem, where women are kept out of leadership positions for… reasons… patriarchy??? How do we fix sexism? I don’t know. But ACDA can make changes the way Dallas did and actively promote women to break down that barrier, crack that glass ceiling.

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