Why Rose McGowan’s “replace the word women with the N-word” tweet is a reflection of white feminism

Tw: Sexual assault, rape & hate speech.

The Harvey Weinstein scandal has led to a multitude of celebrities coming forward with their experiences regarding sexual harrsassment and rape in Hollywood. Gwyneth Paltrow, Cara Delevingne and Angelina Jolie have come forward against Weinstein and described their terrible experiences with him.

Rose McGowan has been in the forefront of this scandal. She has been very vocal about her disgust in regards to Weinstein and anyone who has been and continues to be complacent about his shameful behavior. She has been heralded as a “major voice” by NBC and a multitude of celebrities, activities and fans have been standing in solidarity with her. Her twitter account was briefly blocked — something that rarely occurs to the many verified, white nationalists on twitter, but I’m asleep though. This led to the tone deaf #WomenBoycottTwitter hashtag.

I noticed how Rose called out Ben and Casey Affleck and a lot of Hollywood heavy hitters and I’m here for it. Please call out predatory, white men! Especially after the amount of victim blaming folx and pick mes (I’m looking at you, Lindsay Lohan) that are standing with Weinstein, it was refreshing and brave to see someone in Hollywood take a stance against a rich, powerful man. Especially an actress I liked. Look, I was naive in thinking that she would not use race to compare the plight of women to that of black people but… McGowan in response to James Corden’s dry and insensitive joke about Weinstein , in her now deleted tweet stated that “This is white male privilege in action! Replace the word “women” with the N-word! How does it feel?”

Really? Black women exist, Rose. Transgendered people of color exist, Rose. Black women and children who have a statistically higher rate of experiencing sexual assault knows how it feel, Rose. Black men are victims of assault too, Rose. Terry Crews, an African American actor, tweeted his degrading experience with an Hollywood exec in front of his wife. Crews wanted to react and defend himself against the harassment however due to unfair, racial biases he was afraid of getting painted as the “aggressive black man” and jeopardizing his livelihood.

Some people replied to McGowan’s tweet saying it was justified since the N-word is a great basis of comparison to illustrate her point. No. Let me stop you there. The n-word should never be used as a basis of comparison. The violent emotional, physical and mental trauma that is packed in the n- word is not a comparartive tool in the struggle olympics.

Writer and hood feminist Mikki Kendall replied to McGowan’s tweet “Black women exist. What part of this eludes white women? Oh right. #solidarityisforwhitewomen. Never mind. The goal seems to center themselves at our expense. No matter what.” Where is the lie? Women of color are expected to be in the forefront of any social injustice to either organize or come through with pitchforks. As a Afrolatinx woman, seeing painful aspects of my racial struggle getting used by an affluent white actress to help illustrate her point disgusts me.

We are expected to be the emotional packmules of society- carrying the burden of YT women on top of our own. We come out in droves to support a multitude of causes. Our conviction, creativity and trauma are used when it is convienent for many YT feminists. However, when the time comes for the “allies” to provide the support women of color have been for the longest — crickets. This is why many women of color chose to sit out of #WomenBoycottTwitter and are being wary of what and whom they support because they are kept out of the narrative. White feminists, stop trying to be the tone deaf voice of “change” when you’re obviously speaking for one demographic and avoid intersectionality like the plague.

Update: I was waiting to see an apology from Ms. McGowan on twitter- since she’s very active on that platform. I figured she would’ve issued some form of a half hearted retraction or something since her tweet offended many people. She instead graced the world with this gem and blamed her racist tweet on weed…

I wish this tweet was photoshopped.

Second update: McGowan finally took to Twitter the day after deleting the infamous tweet. She issued as suspected — a dry, weak apology.

After her attempt to shirk accountability by blaming marijuana for her racism, she felt a few characters via Twitter would suffice.

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